Concrete is our passion. Concrete constitutes our cities, our streets, and homes. Concrete can be beautiful and make our lives easier.

However, as the most-used material in the world, we know it’s also affecting the environment. To produce more than 25 billion tons of concrete every year, we need huge quantities of cement, aggregates, and water. Producing and using them places a large burden on our environment.

We need ways of adding value to industrial byproducts and recycling construction and demolition waste from old buildings to use in the production of new concrete, replacing natural materials and saving precious resources.

This is why we started GREEN-FRC. We want to build concretes that are more sustainable from every aspect (environmental, economic, social) using locally available recycled and waste materials as well as fibre reinforcement. Our goal is a high-performance, durable, and environmentally friendly concrete for the 21st century!